We Need To Encourage Dreamers

At least on
Some level
Grows up
We may not
All be
The most
Mature people
But yes we
All at least
Grow older

It is something
We really
Don't have
Control over
But it is
My opnion
That those
Who were born

To make
The biggest
In the world
Are the ones
Who never
Grew out of
How to dream
And believe
In even
The most
Impossible things
Think about it
How many
Impossible things
In history
Are now possible
Because those
In history
And those today
Have refused
To ever stop dreaming

To ever
Stop believing
Or ever
Stop trying
It is because of those
Who refuse to
Grow out
Of dreaming
And believing
In seemingly
Impossible things

That we have
The things
And the rights
We do today
So the nest time
You have the urge
To put down
A dreamer
Encourage them
Because you
Never know when
One day you
May be thanking them
For achieving
The next previously
Impossible thing

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