Storm clouds
Gather over
The ocean
Rains pours down
On the water

That is home
To many creatures
We seem to
Never care
Enough about
A fragile
Eco system
Whose future
Always seems in doubt
And its all our fault
Whether its fishermen
Over fishing
Poachers killing
Off precious
And endangered whales
Or people using
Our oceans
As big trash bins
Throwing their
Trash over board
Like they have
The right to
Its just disgusting
When it comes
To ruining
Our oceans
Yes mankind

Has certainly
Done a good
Job at doing
Just that
But in the end
How we are doing it
Doesn't matter
Nearly as much
As what we
Are going to
Do about it
And how we
Are going to
Make things right
Remember folks
The oceans
Are not just oceans
They are a vital
Part of our planet
And it is up
To us

To protect them

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