No One Is Perfect

Stop trying
To be perfect

There is no

Such thing
Stop trying
To fit in
With people
Who don't
Even respect
You enough
To accept you
For you
Believe me
It will never
Make you happy
Stop living a lie
Just to make
Seem worthy
In other peoples eyes
Bottom line
My friends
Is simply this
There are people
Who will seem
In this life
And make you
Feel horrible
For not being
Perfect too
But even they
Have flaws
And insecurities
Yes their perfection
Is nothing more
Than an act
Don't fall for it
Let no one
Tell you
That you aren't
Worth it
Just because

You aren't
Like them
Be yourself
Yes be who
You truly are
And in doing so
Show them
What life
Is really about
Being an individual
Instead of fake

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