A Million And More Voices

A million plus voices
All crying out
For help
Yet we hesitate
All for different
Yet the outcome
Is still the same
Of people
While we
Are here
Our lives
For granted
We are taking
Some poeple think
What can I do

While others feel like
Why should I do
And my answers
To both
Are really
Quite simple
What can you do?
Plenty if you really
Wanted to
And why should you?

Because despite
What you may think
Those people
Could have
Just as easily been
And still could easily
Be you one day
So stop thinking
What can I do
Get off your ass
And figure that answer
Out for yourself
And those who think
Why bother it has nothing
To do with me
I say get a clue
Before karma
One day
Makes it
Happen to you

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