Little Things

People say
Don't sweat
The small stuff
And while
I do agree
I also say
Don't neglect
The small stuff
The little things
In each
And every day
That make
Waking up
And doing it
All over again

Seem worth it
People today
Are so
With the
Big picture
That they
Never seem
To take
Time to
The little things
That get them there
Or the little things
Everyday that
Keep them going
But even they

Who are
Right now
So obsessed
With the big
And all the big things
Will one day
Look back
And you know
What they will miss
And wish they had
Taken the time
To enjoy

Just a little bit more
The little things
That whether
They knew it
Or not
Made the
Biggest impact
On them
All along


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