When Will We Learn

What are we
Here for
The eternal

Is it just me
Or does
Anyone else
Find it sad
That we try
To find the answer
Through war,
Greed, hate,
And violence
Or is it that
Those things
We are not
Really looking

For answers
Rather we are
Just looking
For what makes
Us feel better

What makes us happy
Trying to
Fight for what
We think we need
And just for what
We are told
To believe
Its sick
That so much
In society
Is based
So much
On greed
And conformity
When will we
Get it through
Our thick skulls
That what
We need
And greed
Will never be
The same thing
That what we need
And what we demand
Will never sync up
And when it comes
To the world
What we claim to want
Yeah that will only happen
When this hate,
Bigotry, this greed
We finally learn
To stop

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