Who Is To Judge What Is Normal

You mean the thought
That lets people
Put others down
Just for being
Unique and
In other words
Yeah I want
Nothing to
Do with that
Who are we
To judge
What is normal
I mean really
Who the hell
Are any of us
To tell someone
Who dares
To be even
A little bit
That they are wrong

Maybe we are
The ones
In the wrong
Not only for
Telling them
They are wrong

But also for
Not allowing ourselves
To be who we
Know we should be
Who we truly
Want to be
Who we truly are

Just because we
Are afraid
Of not fitting in
Maybe, just maybe
That is what it wrong
With our society
Not those who
Dare to be different

But those who are just
Plain old too
Damn scared to let
Themselves be

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