What Does It Say About Us..

What does it say
About us
As a country
That claims
To be on
Top of things

Like mental illness

When younger
And younger
Are ending
Their own lives
Because in reality

No one was
There to give them
The real care
They needed
All the chances
In the world
To help them
To save them
And yet
The system
Drops the ball
And what does it say
About us
When mass shootings
That take the lives
Of young children
Can be traced
To someone
With mental
The system
Also failed
Who was
Able to get
A gun any way
And yet we still fight
Any change
To gun laws
I am well aware
Of the fact
That no law
Will stop this shit
But as far as
Guns go
Has to give
And when it comes
To mental health

We really
Need to take
It much more
If we don't

The problem
Is just going

To get
More and more

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