The Man And The Little Witch


A man approached a
Young witch one night
Who was smiling up
At the beautiful
Full moon above
And he asked
Why do you
Love the moon
So much
What does it
Mean to you
The little witch

Just looked at him
And replied
Why do I love it
How could I not
Its magick
And as for
What does it mean
To me
It means magick
And so many
Beautiful things
The man looked puzzled
And asked
How could it be magick
What do you mean
It just looks
Like a moon
To me
The little witch
Then took his hand
And did suggest
That he gaze upon
Its beauty
While bathing
In its bright
Warm glow
Then she said
Close your eyes
And tell me
What you feel
The man closed
His eyes and said
I feel silly
I feel nothing
The little witch said
Try again
Now concentrate
On just letting
Yourself go
Now what do you feel
And to his surprise
The man suddenly
For there
The full moons glow
The man had
Finally found peace

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