How I See The World

I readily admit
That I don't see

The world
The way
Most do
Where others
May see
And chaos
I see the passion
That started
The madness
And the real problem
Not just propaganda
Meant to confuse
And draw attention
Away from
The real problem
Where people
Only see
They believe
Will never get better
I see how much
Better things could be
If we only tried harder
Where most people

May only see
I see a glimmer
Of light
To shine through
The world
Is about perspective
And being able
To read
Between the lines

See the truth
Hidden amongst the lies
If you believe
The hype
The truth will never

Matter to you

And if all you believe
Is the darkness you see
Then the light
That is begging
For you to see it
Will never be
Seen by you
And that my friends
Is the truth

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