Peace Is Not Impossible

We all belong

To each other
We may not

Think it
But we do
And what we do
Does effect

Each other
Even when
We don't
Believe its true
Chain reactions

Ripple effects
Are around us
How you treat
One person
Can effect
How they
Treat another
And to think
About this
We seem to
Never really bother
But we are
All connected
Sisters, brothers,
Religions, races
All connected
In the web
Of society
That seems
To reamain
So dark
I've had enough

Fuck the hate
The ignorance
And violent acts
Its time
We actually
Started to get it
Peace isn't

Because it actually is

Its impossible

Because we
Make it that way
And one day
We will be
Forced to
Do something
About it
Or face the
Nobody wants
So what will it be
An honest try
Or hell
Because we
Refuse to end
The bullshit
Of an eye
For an eye

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