Learn To Stop Repeating History

Learn from the past
Be forever
Aware of
How easy
It is
To repeat
And never forget
How even they
Said it would
Never happen
Look around you
Far too much
Of the bullshit
They fought
Is still going on
So learn
From the past
And maybe
Just maybe
You can be
The generation
To put an end
To the madness
Be ever mindful
Of the future
You wish
To create
For yourself

And those
Around you
And realize that
What you do now
Can effect
Future generations

In ways you
Never even
Thought of yet
So if you want
A better future
For future generations
Then that future
Starts with your
Attitude and actions
Here today
And as far as today
Is concerned
To love yourself
And others
From the inside out
Because true beauty
Lies within
Not the other
Way around

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