Unsung Heroes

Last night
While you
Were sleeping
The unsung heroes
Were busy working
The good cops
That no one
Ever seems
To hear about
Who protected lives
Without so much
As a simple thank you
The fire fighters
Who saved lives
From yet another

Dangerous fire
And the doctors
Who saved
Those who
May have
Been even
Thought as
The good samiritan

Who took a chance
By giving someone
Who desparately
Needed it
A second chance
And the person
Who gave up
Their sandwhich
To feed someone
On the street
Who had nothing
See in the midst
Of the chaos
In places
Like Furguson
It is easy
To forget
That there is
Real true good
Still left
In this world
So I beg you
As you now
Go and fight
For justice
Take a second
To remember
That people
Like this
Do still exist
And not everyone
With a badge
Is out to get people
Just because
You never hear
About the good ones
Doesn't mean
They don't exist
It just means
The news has
Deemed them
Of talking about
And that to me
Is very sad

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