Random Acts Of Kindness Can Change The World

We can change
The world you know
And its not that hard
For truth be told
Some of the best

Changes don't
Come from
Doing things
On a grand scale
But rather from
The little things
The random things
Random acts
Of kindness
That inspire
To be
And do better
For others
Everyone is
Always worried
About much
Is costs
And how
Much time it takes
To change the world
But the reality is
It takes only moments

Or maybe just
A few minutes
Of your time
To change
Someones day

From gray
To bright
And all it takes
Is as little
As just a smile
And as far as cost
Imagine how much
You can change
Someones day
Just by buying
A sandwhich
For someone
Who is hungry
And good deeds
Good vibes
They are contagious
You never know
Really how far
Your good deed
Can truly go
So today
Instead of
More and more hate
Lets spread peace
And love
One random act
At a time

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