A Good Day

I wake up
In the morning
Same place

Different day
Pretty much
The same
We have gotten
Some rain
So its nice

To walk outside
And feel
The sun
On my face
Since it is no
Longer hidden
By clouds
I look around
My little town
I feel so isolated
Can't help but
Feel alone
But that
Out of the blue
Yes it starts
To fade

No real reason for it
It just does
As I smile
And realize
Today may
Be a good day
I turn on
The tv
It suprises me
With a favorite movie
I look in the kitchen
Yes we have steak
I make myself
A steak for lunch
Sit down
To watch
The movie
And enjoy my day
And before I know it
The day is gone
Yes night has come
My day has
Truly begun
I get on facebook
To talk with friends
They are happy to talk to me

And I with them
I turn on netflix
For once its not down
As I watch
I chat and write
The night away
And think yes

Today really was

An ok
If not good day

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