Greed Kills Peace

Peace among people
Is not an overnight thing
But it is a possible thing
If it is something
We are willing
To put work into
And it won't work
With out give and take
So those who greedily
Run the world
You are a big
Part of
The problem
So are those
Who thrive
On spreading hate
Hate and greed
Greed and hate
Go together
Like birds
Of a feather
And seem
hell bent
On bring the world down
Or at least to however

They like it
And part of the problem is
Ok a big part
Is these are the people
In government
We keep electing
And the problem
Is the same
In every country
Either the countries
Of the world
Need to be smarter
About who they vote for
Or we all need to stage
A global overhaul
Of government period
Because peace can happen
But not if we keep
Being led by hateful
And greedy bastards
Who are litterally tearing
This planet and society apart

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