What's Your Take?

The secret
Of tomorrow
Is one
No one is
Suppsed to know
But the secret
To where
We are meant to go
Well that my friends
Lies within
Our very souls
And that is
One secret
We often

Seem to forget
Because far
Too often
Our soul
Says one way
But hate
And greed
Says another
And sadly
It is the
Other path
When it comes
To society
That is the one
Most taken
But why I wonder
Are we really
That lost I wonder
Or is it that
We still keep looking

For the path
That may be wrong
But is still easier
And if thats true
Why is that
Tell me society
What is your
Take on this
Are we really
Truly that lost
Or just too lazy
To fight through
And see
The truth


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