I Am A Dreamer

I am a dreamer
Through and through
Yes a dreamer
Tried and true
And from now
Until the end
A message
Of acceptance,
Love, and peace
Is what I wish
To send
To you
Yes all of you
Who don't want to
But need to hear it
Power and money

Don't make the man
Who got there
Based on greed
And dirty deeds
You want to see
A real man
An actually
Good person,
Then find somebody
Who looks down
On no one
And sees no one
As beneath them
For they know
At least on
Some level
Just how easily
They could be
One of them
And hungry
He sees them
And lends a hand
To his fellow man
And does what
He can
To help them
Even if
And while we
Are at it
May I please
Just add
That peace
True and
Lasting peace
Will never come
From war
And a better world
Will never come
From hating
Others for things
They can't change
Or for what spiritually
They do believe
If you have
The freedom
To believe
What you believe
Then guess what
So do they
And when it comes
To who someone loves
I am sorry
But no one
Has the right
To tell them
They are wrong
Based on
Their lovers gender
Yes I may be
Just a dreamer
But this dreamer
Does hope
That at least
To some of you
These words
Do get through

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