The Bitter Sweet Reality Of Socitey

When it comes
To human rights
For the most part
We have made
Great strides
But its not enough
Not yet
In other countries
Women are
To death
For marrying a Christian
Are told that
Rape is their fault
And because of it
They have brought
Shame to their family
Which unfortunately

Usually ends
In an honor killing
And in parts of the world
Young girls risk everything
By just trying
To go to school
And then there are those
In the great
Land of the free
Who can't even marry
Because they
Love someone
Of the same sex
I mean how screwed up
Is that
The fact is
When it comes to
Human rights
Yes society
For the most part
Has come far
But in all honesty
We are just
Getting started
We are nowhere
Near there yet
And that
Is the bitter sweet
Reality of society

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