Do You Have The Desire?

I hate the saying
If you can't be
Part of the
Then at least
Don't be part
Of the problem
And the only reason

I have a problem
With it is simple

You can always
Do something
No matter
How big or small
To contribute
To the solution
You can donate
To food banks
Smile at everyone

You see
You never know
How far that
Smile will go
When yours is
The only smile
Someone sees
In there day
You can pick
Something up
For someone
You can give
Back something
You saw them drop
You can volunteer
At shelters
Donate to them
Volunteer at
Soup kitchens
It doesn't
Take much
To make a difference
To be honest
All it takes
In reality
Is time
And the desire
We all have
The time
To do at least
So my question is
Do you have
The desire?

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