Live Or Exist Which Is Your Life?

You exist
But do you
Truly live

Do you
Greet each day

With a smile
Or at least
Find something
In each day
To make it
All worth while
Do you take the time
To smell the roses
Or do you just
Walk right by them
Do you appreciate
What you got
Or not
Do you try
To make a difference
In life
Or do you just
Coast through
Hoping nothing
Happens to you
Do you take the time
To give a damn

About your fellow man
Or do you
Truly believe
If it doesn't
Affect you
Then why should you care
See the difference
Between just existing
And really living
Is caring about
Those around you
And appreciating
You are lucky

Enough to have
See poor
Or even rich
If all you do

Is care about you
And appreciate nothing
Then you are not
Really living

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