Two Voices

Two voices
In your head
One belongs
To the haters

The bullies
And nay sayers
The other
To the part of you
To be heard
Which do you
Mostly from
Day to day

Listen to
Now think about it
In all honesty
Which do you
You should
Be listening to
Every day
We listen to hate
From others
Who just want
To see us fall
That desperation

To be heard
Yeah thats
Where that
Comes from too
But the voice
That needs to
Be heard
Now thats all you
It speaks for you
It speaks to
The dreams
Yet to be seen
Your inner
Your inner needs
And yet is
Mainly ignored
Because of the

Voice that
Comes from
Everyone else
But is it just me
Or should that
Really be
The other
Way around

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