Lift Up Or Beat Down (Your Choice)

Lift up
Not beat down
Thats how I
Choose to live
This life
Given to me
Each day is a gift
Why waste it
Tearing and
Beating others down

Just to make
Feel better
Just seems
Like a lot
Of unnecessary
Work just
To end up
Feeling like shit
And still angry
So what's
The point
Why choose
To live
In that anger
And misery
Its your life
You can live it
Your way
You can lift up
Instead of beat down

You can do things
That mean something
Are more profound
More uplifting
But only
If you
Let go
Of the hate
Holding you back
But that
Has to be
Your choice
So go on
Go ahead
Make your choice
Will you lift up
And enlighten
And in the meantime
Make your life mean something

Or will you stick
To the anger and misery

And become exactly
What you claim

To hate
Choice is yours

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