Judge not
By what you see
Only one the
For who we
Are on the outside
Is often a mask
To just hide

The pain we
Feel inside
A mask we wear
Just to play the game
Without others

Knowing that
Inside we are losing
A mask we wear
As a way of coping
With situations
That are just

Far too
We wear masks
To feel normal
In world
That to be honest
Is anything but
When we are
Stuck in a rut
But just can't
Seem to fess up
Lets face it folks
This on some level

Is every single
One of us
So stop judging
Those around you
By what is on
The outside
Take the time
To see the truth
That lies just
And see if you
Don't happen
To find
Who is just
Like you
And needs someone
Just as much
As you do

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