My Honest Opinion

I am the writer
Who is unamused
By your uninformed banter
The war on guns

Is all Obams fault
There is nothing wrong
With how
Guns are sold
Mental health

Is the only issue
What are you smoking
The gun issue and
The mental
Health issue
Go hand in hand
And what I don't
Really understand
Is if you are
A responsible
Gun owner
Why are you
Opposed to
Tougher gun laws
Making it harder
For excuse my expression
But crazies
To own one
And then there is
The issue
Of vetrans
Dying waiting
For treatment
They are more
Than entitled to
I am sick and fucking
Tired of hearing
About them
Who fought for
Our very freedom
Getting screwed

By people who
Couldn't care less
About me or you
The collapse
Of the government
Caring did not by
Any means start
With our current
Its time we
Finally woke up
And realized

That democrat
Or republican
We are still screwed
We need something new

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