The Moons Message

I look up
At the moon
And feel enchanted
As its magick
Surrounds me
I close my eyes
And let its peace
Flow through me
Bringing me
A bliss
Never before seen
I open my mind
And I listen
To its peaceful
But mostly
Unheard message
Life is short
Cherish it
No one

Has the right

To tell you
Who to be
Or how to
Live your life
So live the life
You dream of
Not the life
Others dream
For you
Live as you
No one else
That way

When you look back
That at least

Can be the one thing
You won't regret
And always remember
When it comes to
The world around you
Stop once in a while
To bask in its magick
For it will always lead you
Where you need to go

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