Happy Independence Day

Happy Indepence Day America
Yes happy 4th
Today before
All of the beer, burgers,
Hotdogs, and fireworks
Why not take a moment
To apprciate
All the great things
In our great country
We have to
Grateful for
All the freedoms

We take forgranted
All the things
That even when
We complain about them

We would still
Be lost without them
Hell even the very
Freedom to even
Complain about them
The freedom
To think what
We think
And speak our minds
And be who we are

Even though
Some don't always agree
The freedom of religion
No matter what religion
Or even the freedom
Not to have one
There are a lot
Of things that make
This country great
So why not while
You are getting drunk
And blowing things up
Why not take a second
To appreciate it all
Happy Birthday America


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