Hate Begets Hate (And Other Things Society Should Ashamed Of)


Hate begets hate
Violence begets
And if you ask me

It is about damn time
That trend
Did come
To an end
How many wars
How many deaths
In the name
Of what we claim
To believe
Does there
Need to be
Before we get it
That our hatred
Is nothing
Short of a
Death sentence

To people
In reality
Do not
Deserve it
Whether it be
In this world
Death by spirit
Or otherwise
Honestly people
Please tell me
Why we for
Any reason
Think it is ok
To belittle
And kill the spirit
Or in some countries
In some cases
The body
Of the innocent
Based on
What we believe
I am sorry
But murder
For any reason
Even religious
Is still murder
And it makes me sick
How some can
Just kill on a whim
And call it a religious  thing
And in their country
Get away with it
I'm sorry but
It is sick to me
And it should be sick
To anyone else

Paying attention
To human rights
But hey maybe

I'm wrong
What do you think

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