My Life My Choice

Its not so much
That I am shy
I choose to be quiet
I choose to observe
The world as it is
Around me
I choose
To choose
My battles
More wisely
Than most
But that doesn't mean
I won't go medieval on you

When it comes to
Something I am
Passionate about
And its not
That I don't
Have something to say
Its just I am trying
To find the right way

To say it
Too many times
I have spoken
Only to be
Blown off
Not listened to
Or looked down upon
Because I was
Looked at
As someone
Who knew nothing
But here's the thing
When it came to
Trying to treat people right
Trying to be a friend
To everyone
I wasn't all
That wrong was I
All I know
Is it sure as hell
Beat being a bully
And that is one thing
I am proud to
Never have been

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