Message From Mother Nature


I take a walk
Through the forest
I stop for a moment
And just listen
I hear the birds
Sing their songs
As the rest of
The animals
Seem to echo
With their

I feel the breeze

Hear the wind
Blow through
The leaves
On the trees
All around me
Who call to me
And I realize
All at once
What this is
This is
The rhythm
Of mother nature
And it is
Beyond soothing
And beautiful
And it has
A message
For all that

Are willing
To listen
Slow down
Stop stressing
Over every

Little thing
Take it easy

Stop and enjoy
The moment
While you have it
And take nothing
Life is too short
To be rushed
If you rush through it
Trust me on this

All you will do
Is miss it
So stop
Slow down
And for once
Just enjoy
The moment

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