Do You Truly Respect Mother Earth

Look at the earth
The very earth
You live on
Feed on
Get your
Oxygen from
Now tell me
Do you appreciate it
And respect it
Or do you just
Take it for granted
Actions speak
Louder than words
You claim to want
To leave a
Better world
For your children
And grandchildren
And yet
You still drive
To the store

When it is
Only a block away
And you just need
One thing
If you really
The planet
You would man up
And walk
You say you want peace
And yet you still
Condone hatred
Towards others
Who are different
You are of course
Welcome to
Your opinion
Of others
The freedom
To have said opinion
Is yes yours
But it is one thing
To hate because
You are an idiot
And quite another
To shove said hate
Down peoples throats
Because you are
Of keeping
Your hateful opinion
To yourself
And then you
Get mad
When others
Do the same
To you back
All the problems
With pollution
And losing the rainforest
The world is dying
Its our fault
And all we can focus on
In 2014 is our right
To be a hateful dick
And the right
To be what some idiots hate
How is that progress
And how is that respectful
To the earth
Or anyone
We fight wars
Because of this
These wars
Kill people
And the environment
And yet most people

Not only don't get it
But don't care
About it
Come one society
Wake up
And grow up


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