The Dreamer


The Dreamer
Looked out
At the world
And saddened
By what
She did see
She did declare
There must
Be a change
In this world
So long coming
That most won't
See it coming
We must stop
Tryng to be
Than everyone else
And put our efforts
Into helping
Each other instead
We must also

Admit and accept
That there are
Other religions
Out there
That people
Are just as
Passionate about
We need to stop
Shoving our
Down each others
Throats and
For lack of a better term
Learn to grow up
Your belief's
Aren't the
Only ones
That matter
And we need
To learn
To understand
And live with that
We also need
To get our
Priorities straight
We need to stop
Making celebrities

Out of spoiled brats
And start looking

Up to those
Who actually
Want to make
The world better
And we need
To stop
Going with
The damn crowd
And trying to fit in
By other peoples
We need to
For once
Think for
Before its
Too late
And we lose
We need to stop being

So judgemental
And start being
More helpful
The world
No one person
Certainly not you
So just remember that
The next time

You act like you
Care about
Others suffering
But won't
Get off your ass
To do anything
Because if
You are not
At least trying
To help
Then you
Are part
Of the problem
And it is
About damn time
We realize that
The Dreamer
She sees you
She hears you
She wishes
You would
That without
Each others help
Stand a chance

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