Why Go With The Crowd (Be You Instead)

Why go with
The crowd
And be who

They tell you
To be
When you
Can forge
Your own path
And better figure out
Who you truly are
On your own
By thinking
For yourself
Instead of
Just believing
What they
Keep telling
You to
No one
For the better
A damn thing
By just
Going with
The flow
Of things
So free
From the
Insane notion
That you
Need to
Fit in
Just to live
In this world
We are a part of
Take all
The courage
That you got
And stand up
Yes stand tall
Against any and all
Of the hypocrisy

You have been taught
And in that process
Find and embrace

The true you
That has
Your whole life
Been lying in wait
Just waiting
For this exact moment

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