Why Teach Conformity Over Original Thought

You know what gets me
When it comes to society
We keep teaching
Our youth
What to think
And that
Fitting in
Is important
And to me
That is insanity
No wonder
They can't
Stop rebelling
Or help getting
So angry
We should be
Teaching them
To be unique
And for themselves
For once think
Not that
One way
Of thinking
Is the way
They should be
I mean
How can you
Not see
The danger
In that thinking
But you know what
Keep doing what
Your doing
If you really
Believe its working
Just don't come crying
To me or anybody
When in 30 to 40 years
Social growth
And then some are halted
Because everyone
Grew up to be
Nothing short
Of a mindless drone
You have been

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