Thank You To Those (Who Made Me Strong)

I fight to
Get out
And stay out
I end up
Right back
And start again

The past
It keeps
Haunting me

But this time
For once
I am ready
This town
First saw me
As an optimistic
8 year old
Full of love
And potential
Then beat me down
To the point
Of me trusting
But what happened
When I left
None of them
Ever saw coming
And even though
I know by being
Back here
I am still as screwed
As I always was
There is one thing
That is different
And that thing is me
I know better now
And for once
In this 22 year
I finally
Stand against them
Stronger than
Even I thought
I could ever be
So maybe my bullies
Haven't changed
But I sure have
And I thank
The hell out
Of those
For that
Thank you

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