What If It Were You

To all the haters
And those who
Are sure
They are on
The right side
Of equal rights
But still think
That gay people
Who are madly
In love should not
Ever get married
Imagine if you will
The roles being
And someone told you

Loving who you love
Is wrong
So wrong
That you have
To put it
In a cage
And hide it
Around most people
And while others
Are able to show it
By getting married
You just don't
Have the right
To do that
Because some
People just
Don't understand
Just think about it
Will you
I mean honestly
How would
You feel
If the love you feel
The love that makes
Life worth it
What if you
Had to keep
It locked away
In a cage
Just to keep
The haters
At bay
How would you feel
Honestly tell me
What if it where you


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