Because Of You (A Message To My Bullies)

Because of you
I still fear
Things I
Should be over
Have fears
That should have
As I got older
Think twice
About trusting
People I know
I should be
And hate
Being alone
But with that said
Also because of you
I am more
To others
Care more
Than maybe
I would have
And write
The way I do

So yes
I may suffer
Still because of you
But I also have
A spark within me
To change things
For the better
And thanks to you
Know how not
To treat others
So while
Your intent
Was to torture me
And make me
Every breath
I did take
And you certainly
Did do just that
And while
I may hate
All the bad
That has come from it
I would not trade
The good
For anything
And its
All because
Of you

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