Conformity Or You (Which Do You Choose)

Normal says
Be like us
Says the
Same thing
But adds
If you don't
Your against us
But I say

Fine if that is
What you think
Then I am against you
Because I will
Never willingly
Be one of you
I will never be
What you consider
To be normal
They say being different
Is a bad thing
Like its a disease
But I say
Being so called

Normal is
And not only
Is "normal"
A bad thing
But its
A dangerous
Thing as well
Lets face it
When you conform
A part of you dies
And that part
Of you
Ever comes back
And do you know
What that part is?
I'll tell you
What it is
Its individuality
The part of you
That makes you

Who you should be
So ask yourself

What means more
Fitting in
Or being
Who you
Know you should be
The choice is yours
Choose wisely

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