Are You Blind Or Are You A Fighter

When it comes to life
There are two kinds
Of people
The blind
And those who
At times
Wish they were
Those who are blind
Are either the ones
Who live
For nothing
But greed
And corruption
Without seeing
Or caring
About what
They are doing
To others
Or they are the ones
Who see it
But don't realize
The importance
And just don't care
Then there are
The dreamers
Peace seekers
And believers
Who see it all
And understand
More than they are
Given credit for
And at times
Wish they
Could be
As ignorant
As everyone else
But they can't
So as the blind
Keeps screwing others over
They keep fighting
Because no matter

How much it hurts
The fight is worth it
And they won't stop
For anything

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