Why Are Human Rights Still An Issue

Its 2014
At this point
Human rights
Should no longer be
An issue
Or just a dream
For anybody
And I mean
Should know
What it is
To be as free
As you and me
Two adults
Who love each other
Why is that
An issue
For far too many
Why do we
Still question
True love
The same sex
But still accept it
Between two people
Of the opposite sex
Who from the get go

In the back of our minds

We think will never make it
If their union
Doomed from the start
Is legal
Than please give me
A reason why

The same union
Between members
Of the same sex
Is not
I mean please
Explain that to me
And when it comes
To race and religion
How is it
That even in 2014

We still don't
Know any better
Please tell me
Because I just
Do not get it

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