Be Who Matters (Not A Spoiled Brat)

It is funny to me
How in school
Looks and fitting in
Meant so much
Only for at least
A select few of us
To grow up
And realize
That what matters
Is the kind of person

Not their lies
Not their status
But what comes from
Within that matters
A beautiful body

With no moral
What so ever
Is still an
Ugly person
Plain and simple
Just remember that
All of you out there
Who are proud to be
Nothing but

Spoiled brats
Those who matter
The actually good people

Who work their asses off
For others and
And for little to nothing
They see you
And to those
Who matter
You are nothing
But trash

Just remember that
All you spoiled people

Who care not
For the little people
Those little people
In my eyes
Are worth more than you
And I can't be the only
Person who feels that way

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