Thoughts Of A Friend

I am a girl
Who is
A hard worker
Who loves her friends
And cares too much
And despite
The shit
In my life
I make it work
My family
Can be a pain
But I love them

I just wish
They understood
Me better
I do so much
They just don't see
But to give up
That is just
So not me
No matter
What life
Throws at me
I will make it through
And be stronger too
Because that is
Just what it means
To be me
And if so ever
I should need help
Please understand
How hard it is
To ask for it
Because to do so
Is just not me
So please forgive me

And take it seriously
If I say I need you
Because chances are
I really do
So please
If I ask for help
Won't you help me
Like I have
Helped you

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