Dear Corrupted Ones

Random Favorites

Dear corrupted ones
In a society
Lacking peace
Quit trying
To block the efforts
Of dreamers
To see a
Better tomorrow
Stop dismissing
The thoughts
Of peace seekers
And writing us off
As worthless hippies
Let the world see
The peace
We seek
Yes let it be
Stop bullying
The believers
Into submission
Just because
We believe
Than you
Does not mean
We are wrong
While you
Are busy
The world over
With scare tactics
That allow you
To make money
Sending someone
Elses child to
Die in your
Gready and
Pointless war
We are trying to
Spread a peace
To make the world better
The peace we seek

Will not happen
Over night
We know that
But if allowed to
One day
Than you think
It will be seen
And it will
Be beautiful

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