Love, Who Are We To Judge It

Even with all
The different
And races
We are all
Still connected
By the one race
We all have
In common
The one race
We all belong to
The human race
And we are
All connected
By the same needs
We all need love
And we all deserve
To find it
It kills me
When religions
Look down
On true love
Just because
It is between
Of the
Same sex
And yet
Men who
Have multiple
That seems
Right to you
Honestly society
If a marriage
Between a
Man and a man
Or a woman
And a woman
Seem more
Wrong to you
Than a straight man

Marrying for the
Fourth or more time
Its time to get
Your priorities straight
Because the need
For love connects us all
And I for one
See nothing wrong
With two legal adults
Wanting to get married
And share that love forever
Regardless of their sex

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