When Will We Learn (Hate, Greed, And Violence Will Never Be The Answer)

Hate begets hate
And violence
Begets violence
While the rest
Of us who know better
Seem to suffer in silence
Just trying
To get people
To for once
Stop fighting
At least long enough
To listen

Even once
To reason
When will we
As a society
Finally learn
That hate, greed,
And violence
Has gotten us nowhere
And not only that
But in fact
All it has ever done
Is have us go in circles
Same hate
Same shit
Different day
Different name
Same old shit
I'm sick of it
And I know I am
Not the only one
When are we gonna get it
When will we finally see
That if we don't for once
Find a way to end
This madness
We won't be here much longer
Before all of society
Just ends up
A victim of each other

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