We Need To Stop Teaching Hate (And Start Teaching Acceptance Instead)

We are all
Born neutral
With no concept
Of hate at all

And as we are taught
To love and be loved
We are also taught
Foolishly to hate
Based on things
Like religion
And race
We are taught
To judge
Of the person
To even go on
We are taught
Blind judgement
And to put labels
On people
Like we have
The right
To do so
As a society
We need
To stop
The younger
Such horrible things
We need to teach
Instead to read
Before we judge
The cover
Teach them
To lend a helping hand
When they can
Instead of hate
And live like
All life is, is every
Man for himself
We are all
In this together
The sooner we
Learn that
And start teaching that
The better off
As a society
We will finally be

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