I Am Different (And I Like It)

I am different

And I like it
I am controversial

And again I say
I like it
Lets face it
If I wasn't
I just wouldn't
Be the me
I was born to be
I am no sheep
And have no intention
Of ever being one
I think freely
And for myself
Instead of
Believe every lie
That is told to me
And follow blindly
I refuse to be
Who others
Want me to be
Who I am
Yeah I will
Make that decision
For myself thank you
I am one
Who tells it
How it is
And will never
Sugar coat
The truth
For those
Who just
Don't want
To know
Most likely
Those who don't
Want to know
Are exactly who
Need to know
So I tell it
How it is
And I make
No apologies
For any of it

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