Comfortably Indifferent

Who are just
So fed up
With todays bullshit
Stand up and
Make yourselves heard

And light that fire
That should be burning
Through out society
That should be dying
To make a difference
In a world
That has become
Far too comfortably
To the suffering
Of the people
Can somebody
Please anybody
Just tell me
Exactly how we
Ended up becoming
A society
That has become
So politically correct
That we would rather
Stay quiet
And do nothing about it
Instead of stand up
And say we just won't take it
Why is it that even in
Todays society
That it is more acceptable
To fight what we
Don't understand
Than it is to make a stand
For what we know is right
What will it take
Seriously tell me
What it take
For us to stand up
To the stupidity
That controls us
And to say
We will no longer
Live this way

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