Something Is Wrong Here (Do You See It Or Are You Blind Too)

Its 2013
And we have
Pretty efficiently
Convinced ourselves
That these things
No longer exists

No not in todays society
We know better by now
Or do we
Truth is in far too many
Countries women
Are seen as inferior
And they have little
To no rights
We know this
Yet we make ourselves
Forget because
Forgetting is easy

Its caring thats hard
However with that said
Even in this country
People are being targeted
For simply being
Who they are
And when it comes
To the social classes
People can be real asses
Thinking that they are so
Much better than the
The poor even the
Single mothers
On welfare
Working four jobs
Just to provide
For their children
Who they raise to
Unlike the elite few
Take nothing for granted
There is something
Seriously wrong here
Tell me are you one of the few
Who see what it is
Or are you blind
Just like the rest of them

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