Be The Better Person

Don't be that person
Who promises
To help tomorrow
And never does
Don't be that person
Who sees someone
Who is homeless

Says oh poor them
But then keeps walking
Don't be that person
Who preaches acceptance
But when it comes
To certain people
Are filled with ignorance
And hatred
Don't be that person
Who swears they care
But in reality
Could not care less

Instead be the person
Who genuinely cares
No matter what

And no matter
How hard the fight
Will always do
What is right
Be the person who gives
The one who forgives

And accepts without predjudice
Be the one who shuns what is easy

And embraces being a good person
Regardless of the consequences

Be the person who understands

That being that good person

No matter what, will
Always be worth it
And would have it
No other way

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